Learning Environment

Duntroon Daycare is well known and highly respected for our continual commitment to providing a high quality program that supports the full development of a child at all stages. It is our goal to bridge the gap between home and school.

Highly Experienced & Qualified Educators...

All Child care Teachers and the Supervisor are experienced, professional educators of young children having successfully completed a diploma in Early Childhood Education.  Assistant Teachers are either in training or have working experience working with children.  All staff are required to have current Standard First Aid and CPR qualifications and participate in professional development to remain enthusiastic, resourceful and to enhance their Early Childhood Education Skills. We have 10 full time staff.

Creating Strong Partnerships

Staff encourage parents to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your child, the program, nutrition, health issues, behaviour management or another area of child development.

Duntroon Daycare also provides the opportunity for students of Early childhood Education to complete their field placements.

Child Care and Early Years Act

This is a piece of legislation pertaining to both group and home child care programs. It's purpose is to ensure quality care for all children. At Duntroon Daycare, all of the mandatory requirements are met and exceed the standards.

Statement of philosophy

Duntroon Day Care Centre is committed to the provision of quality child care and will continue to strive towards that ideal. The children in our Centre are our reason for existence and deserve only the best care we can possibly provide.

Quality Child Care Means

  • Providing a stimulating environment that helps the child further develop cognitive and motor skills and challenges them to improve those skills.
  • Providing a respectful environment in which children and adults are treated as valuable individuals with rights and priviledges that should be honoured.
  • Providing a cheerful environment which welcomes those who come to the centre.
  • A disciplined environment in which children are guided gently but firmly towards a clear understanding of the necessary limits and are helped to develop the self discipline to stay within those limits.