History of the Duntroon Day Care

Duntroon Day Care has been serving the childcare needs of the community for over 30 years. 

Duntroon Day Care is a registered not-for-profit, charitable organization. The Anglican Church of the Redeemer initiated the execution and opening of the childcare centre back in 1990.

Duntroon Day Care is housed in a building owned by the Anglican Church of Redeemer in Duntroon. Prior to becoming a childcare centre, the building was the former Presbyterian Church.

The Church of the Redeemer purchased the former Presbyterian Church in the late 1980’s. As the church contemplated what to do with the building several factors were considered:

1. The building and its use should primarily provide a service to the community

2. The building should be designed to accommodate regular use during the week as well as, be able to be used as a community Parish Hall 

3. And what ever the decision was going to be, extensive renovation would be required determined for the building. The costs of the renovation would be a shared cost by both parties

The church collectively agreed that a childcare centre was one possibility and struck a volunteer committee to begin preliminary explorations in 1989. Patricia Elson, an Early Childhood Educator with much experience and expertise in the childcare field and a community member was invited to participate in those discussions with church representatives. 

As part of those discussions a survey establishing needs and wishes of the community was sent out and negotiations began with the Ministry of Education (formerly known as Ministry of Community and Social Services – a provincial regulatory body that governs and oversees the compliance of childcare centres)

The survey confirmed that a childcare centre in the community would be of value being able to serve the childcare needs of the community. The Ministry agreed to support the church with this new initiate by providing some funding.

With all parties in agreement, the church decided to pursue this option and began renovations on the church, for use as a licensed not for profit childcare centre.

This creation of a childcare in the community created permanent employment, and a much-needed service for working families in the area. This was also an act of faith and outreach for the church.

As so it began…renovations started in the spring and summer of 1990 with a complete rebuilding of the back part of the church (current site of the infant program), the kitchen, bathrooms, and installation of a sewage system (holding tank). 

Through fundraising initiatives and government grants obtained from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, a grand total of around $90,000 was obtained to fund the project. In recognition of the significant capital contribution made, the church’s desire to provide a community this service, the church also agreed that the rent would be waived for several months and then would be established at a low rate.

Duntroon Day Care opened its doors in September 1990, under the supervision of Diana Garbutt as Supervisor of the centre. 

The Church of the Redeemer implemented further renovations on the front hall between 1992 and 1993. These renovations included the addition of the second floor to accommodate office space. This initiative cost $7,000. This space has since been passed down to the staff of Duntroon Day Care to use as a staff room as well as the implementation of a school age program, consisting of before and after school care as well as March break, summer and winter break camp.

In 1999, in recognition of the changing needs of the childcare centre, a mutual understanding and partnership has been developed with the church and the childcare centre to support the growth, needs and repairs of the centre.

In 2000 Duntroon Day Care approached the Church of the Redeemer to explore the possibility of further renovations on the building that would enhance and improve the program and operating capacity of the childcare centre.

Over the next 20 plus years of its operation, Duntroon Day Care has built a solid reputation for excellent quality care in the community. With the belief that high quality affordable care should be available to all families. The centre has honoured this commitment by ensuring the fees are low and affordable. 

As we approach 2023, the centre is still committed to quality high affordable childcare and therefore has made the commitment to opt into the Canada Wide Early Learning Child Care System (better known as $10 day childcare).

We strongly believe that the exceptional educators at Duntroon Day Care are the basis for our stellar reputation for excellence.

Board of Directors

A Board of volunteer members overseas the work of the centre. Any person interested in joining the Board is to contact the Supervisor of the centre.